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The Foundry, FinTech Wales’ no equity accelerator programme, provides world-class mentorship and support to help incubate, accelerate and scale start-up organisations within the Welsh ecosystem and beyond! Applications for season three are now closed. If you would like to express an interest in supporting or taking part in future programmes, please contact us.

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Foundry FAQ

It's a free no-equity accelerator programme that takes place in the beautiful city of Cardiff, Wales. The Foundry was created by FinTech Wales to help leverage the experience of its ecosystem for good use, and we're delighted to work with our Foundry Partners Principality Building Society,, and Cardiff Capital Region. Together with more than 25 supporting organisations from tech, legal, public sector, academia etc, this programme offers amazing access to partners, the ecosystem, and massive opportunities.

Perfect candidates for The Foundry will be early-stage startups in the Fintech space, or whose technology would primarily benefit the financial services. You'll have committed to working on it full-time, but you probably won’t be generating any significant revenue yet, and might still be trying to understand the extent of the problem, or the size of the market. Or you may already feel confident about that, but feel you haven’t quite tweaked your product enough yet to get your customers excited. If you feel that you don’t quite yet have a *deep* understanding of exactly what problem you’re solving, for who, and how that gives you the best chance of rapid growth, this programme is for you. Please watch the video with our Foundry Director below to find out more.

Click on the 'Apply Now' button on the top of this page, which will take you through to platform. You'll need to create an account with them first and provide relevant details about you and your organisation, and once you've done that you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to start the application questions. We've intentionally made the application questions short and simple, however we do advise that you upload a short video explaining your idea to give you the best opportunity of getting your idea across to us. If you have any issues with the application page or have further questions, please email

No, you do not need to incorporate in Wales but you must commit to attending the forntnightly sessions, which are 2-3 days each. These are held in Cardiff, Wales. If you want to move your business to the UK, we can help with processing visas. Please email to find out more.

The Foundry is a no equity programme and does not invest any capital or appear on any cap tables. We do, however, help our founders raise rounds by introducing them to our curated network of angels and VCs via our investor days and introductions, and graduates from the last two seasons collectively raised over £20million investment.

Yes! Neil Cocker will be holding three pre-launch Q&A Webinars with potential applicants. Find out how you can take part in these here –

Neil Cocker Foundry Director

See what Neil is looking for from applicants in Season 3

Our Differentiators

What makes the Foundry unique?

Not for profit

We don’t take a cut of any deals we facilitate nor do we charge founders to participate.

Zero equity

The Foundry does not take any equity in the companies we accelerate or incubate.

Corporate led

Cohorts are chosen by our partners and invited to develop a proof of concept or minimum viable product.

Deal focused

We measure our success by how many deals we can generate for founders; be it investment, partnership or any other format.

Ecosystem backed

Workshops, perks, and mentors are curated by leveraging the goodwill and expertise of the Welsh FinTech ecosystem.

Value added

Successful applicants receive up to £400,000 in tangible perks plus numerous intangible benefits and mentorship.

Our Alumni

Former Foundry Graduates

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